Travel the world
 and share your stories!

Do you like to travel? Or maybe you enjoy looking through old photos, to remember beautiful trips. Or maybe both, but you just need inspiration on where to travel next.

Are you tired of reading dull reviews? Are you fed up with people showing off their trips without giving any valuable info? Would you like to read about a place and feel as if you were there?

When you write down your thoughts in a journal, you write in a certain way; you write for yourself, for your future self; you create memories, not simple reviews.

On the other hand, it’s much more rewarding to read a story, not just another review; to experience a memory and feel another person's feelings, not read a simple description.


Take beautiful photos, write down your feelings and create your travel journal. Private or public, you decide what is for your own eyes and what is shared with the world — help others find inspiration about new places to see.


Search for new friends, follow them and have inspiration at your fingertips for new travels: be it for a location you always wanted to visit or for a new place you haven't heard of.


Search for destinations, see other people's stories, find opinions about new places to travel, then go create some memories of your own!

Q: Can I see an example?

A: Definitely! You can check out one of my stories. It has several entries and some of them have detailed descriptions.

Q: Who owns the data and its rights?

A: All the data and full rights over it are completely owned by yourself. You can read more about this in section 5 of the terms and conditions.

Q: Where is the data stored and how is it used?

A: All the information about data storage, processing and transferring can be found in the privacy policy.

Q: Can I delete my account? What happens with my data?

Yes, you can delete your account at any time. All the stories, entries and their photos will be deleted; this is irreversible.

Q: Can I deactivate my account? What happens with my data?

Yes, you can deactivate your account at any time and the data remains intact. After deactivating it, your stories and profile won't appear in search results and feed anymore. The first time you will try to login after deactivation, you'll be asked to confirm first.